“Umag is a proven base of the Croatian Football Federation”

Umag has rich sports infrastructure and on the national level it is considered the football centre.

It has been known as a reliable destination for winter preparations of football clubs and football teams.

Mild and Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.

The distance between the hotels and football facilities is roughly 5 km, or approximately 4-5 minutes ride.

It offers easy car access from Slovenia, Northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland and South Germany, but also from other European countries.

It is possible to arrive by plane from airports Zagreb, Venice, Ljubljana, Trieste and Pula.


“The basic precondition for our services is infrastructure. We invest a lot in construction and maintenance of modern sports facilities – fields, locker rooms and auxiliary rooms, as well as sports equipment”

There are 19 football fields in and around Umag of which 9 meet the dimensions prescribed by FIFA (100×64 m).

There are 11 football fields in Umag in total; 5 of them are located directly in the town.

Football fields are not more than a 20 minutes ride apart.

They are all superbly maintained and possess complete equipment thus providing excellent training conditions.


3 minutes ride from the accommodation facilities.

Main facility:

  • #1 Central town stadium, 105×67 m, turf
  • #2 Town stadium 1 (auxiliary), 100×64 m, artificial turf
  • #3 Town stadium 2 (auxiliary), 95×64 m, turf
  • #4 Football field Stella Maris, 104×67 m, turf

Additional facility:

  • 2 spacious locker rooms for players and coaches with showers and sanitary facilities
  • Seating area for 24 players and a strategy board
  • Area for physical training

Field equipment:

  • Benches for reserve players and delegates
  • Goals (732×244 cm) on the field
  • Additional mobile goals with wheels
  • Human wall with wheels
  • Hurdles, training T-shirts, net with 20 balls, a pole slalom, coordination ladder, football trolley, electric compressor football pump
  • Training equipment storage next to the field

All football fields are licensed for all competitive levels.

Complex is built with high standards set by FIFA.


5 – 20 minutes ride from the accommodation facilities.

  • #1 Football field Moela, 98×57 m, turf, 3 km from the city of Umag
  • #2 Football field Basanija, 100×60 m, turf, 5 km from the city of Umag
  • #3 Football field Petrovija, 104×64 m, turf, 6 km from the city of Umag
  • #4 Football field Marija na Krasu, 100×55 m, turf, 7 km from the city of Umag
  • #5 Football field Babici, 100×63 m, turf, 9 km from the city of Umag
  • #6 Football field Juricani, 100×65 m, turf, 9 km from the city of Umag
  • #7 Football field Dajla, 103×62 m, artificial turf, 14 km from the city of Umag
  • #8 Football field Nova Vas, 100×65 m, turf, 17 km from the city of Umag


 “By investing in knowledge, human resources and information database we are improving our football offer on a daily bases and creating increasingly comprehensive service packages for football players”

Umag offers the possibility to use high quality football courts, equipment, football campus facility and various other additional services necessary for quality training and playing.

Friendly staff will be there to assist you.


  • 19 high quality football fields
  • Friendly matches organization
  • Service team assistance 24/7
  • Quality accommodation
  • 1 free room for the team manager
  • Sport massages and therapies
  • Nutrition adapted to athletes
  • Water during training
  • Laundry service once a day
  • Conference room
  • Artificial lightning
  • Organizational experience
  • Storage space for football equipment
  • Wellness and fitness centres
  • Information material on the football offer
  • Weather info (daily weather forecast)
  • Various football tournaments
  • Coaches with great knowledge and experience
  • Leisure and other activities


  • Jogging paths
  • Great restaurants offering Mediterranean cuisine
  • Gastro, entertainment, cultural and other great tours in our offer
  • Water entertainment facilities and much more…


“We offer you great conditions where your team can progress, learn and develop in every possible way”

Umag have respectful amount of experience in the organization of football tournaments and camps for all ages.

If the tournaments are held in an attractive ambience of a coastal town, it becomes a true pleasure for players, spectators and the proffesion.

HNS (Croatian Football Federation) has been organizing camps for football players of all age groups between January and May for years, and regularly chooses Northwest Istria as a host for qualifying matches in categories U15, U16, U17, U19, U21.

Umag is a regular host to the UEFA trainings for referees and coaches.


In the cooperation with top football experts and staff qualified for entertainment and diet, tourist resort in Umag organize football camps according to age and skills of young participants.

Barcelona International Camp (26.06. – 01.07.2016.) – COMING SOON!


Istria Winter Cup (February)

The International tournament held in early February where first-league teams from the region and the European Union will try their strengths against each other in Novigrad and Umag. Istria Winter Cup tournament is included into calendars of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the Croatian Football Federation (HNS), reaffirms the qualities which makes it recognizable to the football clubs.

8 teams divided into two groups – A and B – four 4 teams in each, will participate in the tournament. Matches are played at stadiums of FC NOVIGRAD “Laco” in Novigrad and “City stadium” in Umag. In the case of extremely bad weather conditions (rain), the matches will be played on the playground with artificial grass in Umag and Dajla.

Football players will test their current skills in face-off with foreign adversaries, simultaneously preparing for the spring resumption of the championship by taking advantage of the benefits of sports destinations of Umag and Novigrad – superior accommodation and sports fields, excellent food, mild climate and a variety of services created through the cooperation of experienced sports and tourist employees.

Apart from receiving cups, finalists are awarded by discounts for their future training in Umag and Novigrad during next season.

Cups are also awarded to the best scorer, player and goalkeeper as well as to the youngest tournament player.


“All facilities fully meet the criteria for the winter preparation cycle with their 3 and 4-star service”

Football teams stay in:

They offer nutrition for athletes, saunas, indoor pools, fitness rooms, qualified stuff and a number of sport facilities in the vicinity of the hotel.

Leisure time contents make them even more attractive, as well as vicinity to the town, natural and cultural sights, jogging paths, fresh air, and a number of other possibilities and features.


 “International and Croatian football clubs and national team recommended Umag as optimal location for football preparations and camps”

The following teams and clubs have trained in Umag so far:

National football teams:

  • Croatian national football team (women’s, U15, U16, U17, U19 and U21 category)
  • Estonian national football team (U19 category)
  • Portugese national football team (U19 category)
  • Ukrainian national football team (U17 category)
  • Azerbaijan national football team (U17 category)
  • Belgian national football team (U17 and U19 category)

International football clubs:

  • FC Sturm Graz
  • FC Olimpia Ljubljana
  • FC Maribor
  • FC Celje
  • FC Domzale
  • FC Hit Gorica
  • FC Honved
  • FC Young Boys
  • Puskas Football Academy
  • FC Kecskemet,
  • FC HIMKY Moscow etc.

National football clubs:

  • FC Dinamo Zagreb
  • FC Hajduk Split
  • FC Rijeka
  • FC Osijek etc.

International tournaments and matches:

  • Mini-tournament of the elite round of the European Cup U-19
  • Kvarner Riviera
  • Istria Winter Cup
  • UEFA qualifying matches
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Author: Tomislav Hadzic

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