Sveti Martin na Muri is an official training camp destination of Croatian Football Federation.

Sveti Martin na Muri is highly profiled as a destination with all the prerequisites for football training.

Football preparations are the backbone of sports tourism in Sveti Martin and they represent a significant share of our total income.

It has been known as a reliable destination for summer preparations of football clubs and football teams.

The area around Sveti Martin na Muri is characterized by moderate fresh continental climate with an average summer air temperature of 20.6 °C.

The distance between the hotel – apartments and football facilities is roughly 4.5 km, or approximately 7 minutes ride by car and 10 minutes ride by bus.

It offers easy car access from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and South Germany, but also from other European countries.

It is possible to arrive by plane from airports Zagreb, Maribor, Graz, Ljubljana, Vienna etc.


Pitches are situated in Sveti Martin na Muri and form a total of 5 football fields and all of them have prescribed FIFA dimensions (102 × 66 m).

Fields are carefully maintained and fully equipped, providing excellent conditions for training.


7-10 minutes ride from the accommodation facilities.

All football fields are licensed for all competitive levels.

  • 3 football fields in Polet, 102×66 m, turf
  • 1 football field in Jurovec, 102×66 m, turf
  • 1 football field in Hlapičina, 102×66 m, turf


  • High speed WiFi on the field (live streaming)
  • Modern clubhouse with 2 spacious locker rooms for players and coaches with showers and sanitary facilities
  • Storage space for football equipment next to the field
  • Field equipment
  • Referee cabins with showers
  • Lightning: 2 football fields
  • 4 football fields with built in automatic irrigation system
  • Hall for press conference and meetings
  • Cold wells for regeneration purposes


Sveti Martin na Muri offers the possibility to use high quality football courts, equipment, football facility and various other additional services necessary for quality training and playing.

Our friendly staff will be there to assist you.


  • Trim trail next to the hotel
  • High speed WiFi on the field (live streaming)
  • Water entertainment facilities
  • Hotel accommodation tailored to meet the needs of top athletes
  • Beds for athletes (220×200 cm, 220×90 cm)
  • Ideal location for sparing matches, 1,5 hours from Zagreb
  • Spine and sports injuries center with modern diagnostics
  • Sports Hall
  • Sport massages and therapies
  • Nutrition adapted to athletes (local and healthy food)
  • Halal certificate
  • Cold wells for regeneration purposes
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Artificial lightning
  • Wellness and fitness centres etc.


  • Friendly matches organization
  • Service team assistance 24/7
  • Water during training
  • Laundry service
  • Organization of football tournaments
  • Great restaurants
  • Gastro, entertainment, cultural and other great tours in our offer
  • Weather info (daily weather forecast)
  • Leisure and other activities
  • Organizational experience and much more…


Football teams stay in:

We offer nutrition and beds for athletes, saunas, indoor pools, fitness rooms, qualified stuff and a number of sport facilities in the vicinity of the hotel.

Leisure time contents make them even more attractive, as well as natural and cultural sights, jogging paths, fresh air, and a number of other possibilities and features.


International and Croatian football clubs and national team recommended Sv. Martin as optimal location for football preparations and camps.

The following teams and clubs have trained in Sv. Martin so far:

National football teams:

  • Croatian national football team (all categories)
  • Croatian female national football team
  • UAE national football team
  • Swedish national football team (U17)

International football clubs:

  • FC Everton
  • FC Slask Wroclaw
  • FC Sevastopol
  • FC Vardar
  • FC Al-Nassr
  • FC Sibir etc.

National football clubs:

  • FC Dinamo Zagreb
  • FC Hajduk Split
  • FC Rijeka
  • FC Lokomotiva etc.

Author: Tomislav Hadzic

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