Optimus sport travel agency ltd. is a company that specialises in sport tourism and arranges sport preparations as well as other sporting activities for professional athletes, for people who enjoy recreational sports, children and teenagers at attractive destinations around Croatia.

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Thanks to our knowledge, the experience we have, and more importantly our true dedication to sport, we offer attractive and carefully designed programmes for sports trainings and active holidays.



Physical preparation of professional athletes is a very important part of every sporting achievement.

Extraordinary successes are not achieved overnight, they are results of daily efforts to maintain the form, to hold a proper diet and to do proper psychological preparation for competitions.

Moreover, it is important for athletes to undergo special preparations before bigger competitions. Keeping these facts in mind, we put together specialized sports preparation programmes that can be adapted to meet your needs so you can devote yourself to the training and development of your physical and mental health.


  • The quality and the level of sporting infrastructure
  • A suitable destination depending on a certain kind of sport preparation (geographical location, accommodation, climate, etc.)
  • The quality of accommodation facilities
  • The quality of athletes’ diet within the accommodation infrastructure
  • Additional activities on site


Recreational sports contribute to the quality of life, health improvement, appearance improvement and social life.

When choosing one of the active holidays programmes we offer, sports lovers and enthusiasts have a possibility to spend their vacation or a weekend doing their favourite sporting activity or engaging in new activities they have not experienced yet.


Our offer includes a slight shift from a classic team building programme, it allows you to intertwine your cooperation with your colleagues and business partners with their favourite sports activities or overcoming some new sports skills.

We all know how and to what end this kind of programme contributes, so it makes no sense to write a text that you might skip anyway. J

Our strength is not in the programme design, but in the programme performance.

Our professionals are the ones who make the program appealing.

On-site service is our biggest advantage.


  • A team for the programme development and implementation
  • Finding appropriate destinations
  • A possibility of renting sports equipment
  • Quality accommodation facilities and necessary information for organizing the best vacation
  • Accompanying programmes, depending on the requirements of a particular group and destination possibilities
  • An experience you will remember


Our mission is to provide high-quality, attractive and distinctive service. Our greatest responsibility is to offer our customers packages, arrangements, programmes and events that reflect our professionalism and love towards our work. We aim to keep our customers happy and smiling while interacting with us.

In order to improve continuously, we will:

  • Be a successful and reliable agency
  • Build the image of an agency specialized in sport tourism
  • Have a unique and distinctive offer
  • Be innovative and productive
  • Strive for growth and development
  • Observe and follow trends
  • Promote sports as the basis of a healthy life
  • Be imaginative and entertaining
  • Motivate employees to think “outside the box”
  • Create quality friendships and business relations
  • Be an easy-to-do-business-with company
  • Be a stimulating and fun place to work
  • Impact positively to our environment
  • Be a good example to others
  • Provide every client with a positive emotion and nice memory


By 2020 we aim to be recognized on the international and domestic market as the best Croatian agency in sport tourism i.e. an agency that organizes sports trips and other sporting activities, an agency that will offer its services to professional athletes, amateurs, children and adults. We were founded to last long time.


Optimus sport travel agency ltd.

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